The best scoreboard in Google Sheets!

Last year I created a dynamic scoreboard in Google Sheets for a competition. It got a bunch of interest from you all, so thank you!

In the competitions, I noticed a few issues - for example, the randomization of the team to the marker. That took time to work out which marker belongs to which team.

Another was that the formulas were just too much. At the time I built it, I was new to Google Sheets after spending years working in Excel. Google Sheets have some formulas that leaving Excel behind in the dust (and vice versa, Excel has some efficiencies that Sheets doesn't!).

So I decided to remake the whole thing. I am still avoiding Google Apps Scripts because this is for everyone out there to be able to make their own with as little knowledge of gSheets as possible!

The main user-entry parts are the same: Markers tick a box that tells if a team got the question right. That's all there is to it. No confusion there.

Where some confusion may come in, is that there is no way to tell if a team got a question wrong - that's because in our competition, the teams can attempt the question as many times as they want and pass if they think it's beyond them!

Math is good that way - persistence is key, but not absolutely necessary!

So I've updated the formulas that create the ranks on the display page. Queries have been implemented and formulas made easier to understand and customize. For those that want the finalized version on TPT, I've made a change that makes things even more easy, efficient, and increases the speed for live competition!

Check out the video that gives a quick run-down of how the scoreboard works. For those with a moderate amount of experience in gSheets, you should be able to make this yourself within a couple of hours. For beginners, there might be a few places where you might struggle but feel free to ask questions.

If you don't want to make the scoreboard yourself and just want to get straight into making it, you can download the finalized copy for no cost with all the added efficiencies and modify it however you want!

If you have any questions let me know in the comments down below, on YouTube, or Facebook. While you're there, feel free to leave a like and subscribe!

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