Taking attendance with QR codes! [Updated for 2020!]

In this new world, many teachers are needing to go contactless more and more. As students start to head back into the classroom, hygiene is a must and both students and adults need to keep their hands to themselves. Bring in the QR codes! No touching required!

Check out the video and a few tips below the video if you're having troubles.

There's many ways we can set this up and many ways to adjust this to your needs.

Start by setting up a new Google Sheet and copy over your students.

If you have the ability to split them between first and last names, then do that but watch out for spaces in the names. If there is a space before or after the name, your QR code won't show up.

With the first and last names copied into the spreadsheet, create a new column that joins the names together. Here's a formula that you can copy it into the Sheet in cell C2:

=arrayformula(if(A2:A="",,A2:A&" "&B2:B))

Now with the names set up, we can create a new Google Form, copy and paste the students' full names over, and get the pre-filled links. Check out the video above from 5:00 to see how to do that.

Copy the pre-filled link to the Google Sheet next to the first student's name. It should look something like this:


We'll make a few changes:

  1. Delete the section that says viewform?usp=pp_url

  2. Replace that with formresponse: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfz3gVVXCJn4mamCm8PfX_hJ27QVDpf4fHalB3e54WEisUyIA/formresponse&entry.1043257811=Chuckie+Finster

  3. We want the students' names to be dynamic, meaning as we go down the list of students we want the link to change: ="https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfz3gVVXCJn4mamCm8PfX_hJ27QVDpf4fHalB3e54WEisUyIA/formresponse&entry.1043257811="&A2&"+"&B2

That's it for the link, let's move onto the QR code! Here's the code - nice and easy for you to copy and paste!


That's all you need to do! Everything else is just making it look good, printing it out, and sorting out the logistics of how it will work in your school!

If you need any help, head over to the YouTube video and leave a comment there. Asking questions publicly helps others with the same issues that come up!

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