Prettying up Google Classroom!

With school out for a while I've been granted some time to help others out, mainly in gSheets. But a question came up from a teacher about gClassroom. They want to pretty theirs up, and fair enough too! While you can make certain changes, like customize the colour or theme, it doesn't look super inviting especially if your students are primary aged!

This is my gClassroom. My main classes are at the top (obviously forgetting I had that Test Class in there) along with my Roleplaying club, my templates, and our schools resources for Provisionally Certified Teachers. If you're wondering why a lot of the classes don't have students because others in there are set to teachers, yes I even let my students be teachers for things like Roleplaying so they can have full access to upload new materials!

So how can we make this a little bit more inviting? To get there we need to jump out of gClassroom and into gSites.

Luckily this post won't take long because it's just a simple 3-step method:

1. Create a header image (I use 1176 x 270 pixels) in Google Slides or Google Drawings (or photoshop if that's your thing!)

2. Draw up some pictures that will link to each Classroom (plenty of free stock images online so you don't have to do the hard work!). You can put together these images in gSlides or Drawings and save them as a png or jpg.

3. Back to your Google Site, apply the appropriate link (click the right image and pressing Ctrl+K or Cmd+K)!

Quick, easy and you can customize it however you want! If you want to take a look at the final product, here it is! There's not much in there because I just created it for an example in response to the question sent in!

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

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