Just a quick post because I've been a bit lazy recently with this blogging thing!

Today, a bunch of Provisionally Certified Teachers are at a Professional Development day to get us established as teachers. We've covered things like the role of Unions and the PPTA, how to get registered, our professional portfolio, the people meant to be taking care of us in the school, the teacher's collective agreement, and issues we might come across within the school.

So far it's been a really great experience learning that other people at other schools are going the same kind of things that I am. Up to now I haven't talked to many people about the experience of becoming a teacher so it's good to hear other perspectives.

The group has given me good questions to take back to the school regarding things like what are my responsibilities, what are the responsibilities of people who are meant to take care of me.

Overall, a good lot of information that I'm sure I've completely forgotten most of.

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