Measles - coming to a town near you!

We all know about the measles issues in New Zealand by now, right? Well it's finally made its way out of the large cities...

I'm getting really sick of this. And luckily, not in the literal sense.

I get it. Vaccinations are dangerous. They cause autism. They contain lead and mercury. They contain aborted foetuses. It's the government trying to take away our rights or control our minds. It's the Mark of the Beast. Pumping our children full of chemicals is immoral. The illnesses aren't as bad as they say. Vaccinations don't actually do anything, the illnesses go away on their own.

No. No, no, no, no, no. Oh... Did I mention: No!

Now, when I'm in discussions with anti-vaxers I don't accuse them of anything. They aren't stupid people. They're trying to do the best for their families. Unfortunately, they have been convinced by other misled people (and in some cases people lie to them) and that is causing issues not just for them but for the rest of us.

And now, it's made its way to my home.

I'm writing this post because this is a disease that we had under control. Measles can be suppressed to a small enough percentage of our population so that people who cannot be vaccinated, like my son who is too young for the vaccinations, are safe.

But no. People are making the decision to not vaccinate themselves and their children because of misinformation spreading faster than wildfire.

Here in Palmerston North, we had a spectator infected at a national basketball game at the Arena. Many people are at risk and I'm now on edge about how far it is going to get around town. Will I have to take time off work so that I don't put my boy at risk? I'm not going to blame this person. It's not their fault they got infected. But as a society, I wish people were better informed about these kinds of diseases that were all but eliminated from this country.

It's school holidays at the moment. Over the next week, I hope we don't hear about more cases and that people follow the guidelines of vaccinations and isolation.

School is hard enough with kids taking time off for colds and other sickness. Can we not add on a completely preventable disease? Thanks.

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