I hosted another math competition!

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

This was a tough one! I put many hours into this one. It was all worth it!

I do have a video of this, but I'm going to need to do some editing thanks to my camera-work not being all that hot.. In the meantime, here's the newspaper article.

While our juniors competed in Mathex earlier in the year, our year 13s had the opportunity to compete in the Manawatu’s inaugural CalcEX competition on the 24th of September. This competition started in 2017 in Auckland and has slowly been gaining traction in the upper half of the North Island. A total of 56 teams from across New Zealand were involved, with eight teams competing in the Manawatu.

CalcEX is very similar to Mathex in that students are given a range of questions from calculus and higher-level algebra to answer against the clock and against each other. The questions have a base in thinking outside the box or may look difficult but have simple solutions.

Our teams had a great time with this competition acting as a fun way to approach mathematics, and providing our students a relief from the stress of exams. Well done to our CalcEX players Thomas Budd, Niamh Frizzell, Muhammad Ghulam Abbas, Noah Macdermid, Olivia McEwan, Helena McLachlan, and Henrique Torres.

The questions were not easy, but being part of a team gave all students the opportunity to participate. We ended with some food and chatting amongst each other, which was all very well received. Hopefully our teachers and students continue this competition in the future. It's very worthwhile, gives the students a perspective on collaborative, creative mathematics; and gives the teachers an insight into what their students can do in a different kind of environment.

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