Answering your QR code questions!

Three weeks ago I released a YouTube video showing you how to create QR codes in Google Sheets to help you go contactless for the new school year. Here are some of the common questions that have popped up:

Why aren't I seeing any QR codes?

Check your students names. If they have a space in them, you need to delete the space (check before and after the name)

Can this be used as a bathroom pass?

Sure. One way is to create two lots of Google Forms/QR codes specifically for bathroom use - one for "out", one for "in". Have the responses link to the same responses Google Sheet. From there, create a new tab that imports all the data and calculates duration from there.

Can I create a system for people signing in and out throughout the day?

Yes. This is different to the bathroom pass, so will need some tweaking. There's a couple of ways of doing it. First, you could create a 'sign-in' Form and a 'sign-out' Form. Then link the Forms to the same Response Sheet and filter from there. The other way is to just use the one QR code and trust that people won't be scanning multiple times to get in and out. We can then use a Query to see who signed in on a particular day, then pull out a list of unique names from that data, then retrieve the times when they scanned. If you need this explained more, get in touch!

Should I add in extra info like address, age, contact number etc.?

Not to the Google Form. This info should already be part of your school's Student Management System. If you want it in your Form Responses sheet, you can create a new tab and import the info from your SMS, then use it however you wish.

How difficult is it to show data from this setup?

Very easy, but you need a concept of what kind of data you want to show. e.g., do you want how many scans per day/week/month/year, or how many different people per period, or data for an individual student? Depending on what kind of data you want determines how to create your dashboard.

What QR scanner should I use?

I recommend BinaryEye. It's open source so you can view the sourcecode, you can do multiple scans at once, and when you scan the QR code you don't have to click anything to have it register.

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