"I have students that don't read English. What's an easy way for me to distribute text in their language?"

Great question! Unfortunately, Google recently did away with a quick 'translate' button directly in gDocs, and even if they had it you'd still need to teach your students how to navigate to without understanding the words they're reading.

Here's a quick work-around.

First, open up your material and paste it into Google Translate. Here, I've used a snippet from A Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Just copy it and paste it in.

That URL up the top in the address bar is the direct link to this page, so you can copy that into a gDoc which can later be sent out to your students in gClassroom!

For those students who understand different languages, you can select which languages and repeat the above - copy the new URL and add a new link to the same gDoc. 

Now each of your students can click on their particular language and go directly to Google Translate. Get them to hit that speaker button and it will read it out loud in their language! Here's a quick video to show how that works with Harry Potter!


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